Who’s Who

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Ursula S. Myers (she/her/hers), PhD

What led you to this field and career path?

Originally my major in undergrad was elementary education, but then I took a stellar abnormal psychology class at UNM the end of my sophomore year that changed my trajectory. The idea that I could potentially still teach, but also provide clinical services and conduct research really appealed to me.

What is the most interesting thing that you have learned in your career?

In my work doing PTSD treatment, it’s been really interesting to me to better understand that first, individuals are incredibly resilient, and second, that quite often traumas that lead to the development of PTSD may not be what I would consider to be the worst event someone could experience. Rather, I quite often find that it is the events that are unexpected, that don’t fit in with what we think will happen or how we view that world, that really can cause the most issues. To continue reading click here.