Refugee Mental Health Resource Network

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Elizabeth Carll, PhD

Section Editor; Founder & Chair, Refugee Mental Health Resource Network

THE 2022 RMHRN WEBINARS CONTINUED INCREASED FOCUS on international issues with international speakers. Since 2017, there have been 24 RMHRN webinars organized and conducted for those interested in volunteering with refugees, immigrants and internally displaced people (IDPs). The most recent webinars addressing the Ukraine crisis. The April 1, 2022 webinar addressed Ukrainian immigrant psychologist witnessing the war and the refugee crisis: Mental health and culturally sensitive intervention. The May 19, 2022 webinar was Part 2 in follow up to the April webinar and addressed Ensuring women’s and children’s safety and mental health in the context of war and trafficking. These did not offer APA CE as international attendees did not view as relevant for their license/registration. In addition, in conflict countries supplying personal information, such as part of registering for webinars was viewed as problematic security wise. The above two non-CE webinars had a significant increase in international attendance and may have been related to not collecting detailed personal information typically required to register for Division webinars.

Network volunteers have continued to work with an Afghan family providing mental health support in process of leaving Afghanistan. Consultation and mental health information and support and webinars related to the Ukraine crisis are ongoing and will continue. To continue reading click here.