She said she can’t breathe

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She said she can’t breathe

no more pee
on the toilet
she’ll leave the seat up
to mark the day
that will never

she’ll leave his socks
on the floor
his bed unmade
his bear on his pillow
for him to bound
through the door
flop on the bed
headphones blaring.

He didn’t leave a note.

Paula MacIan

Dr. Paula MacIan is a clinical psychologist licensed in Oklahoma, New Mexico and California who specializes in the treatment of trauma.  Dr. MacIan has worked both in rural areas, such as the bush in Alaska for CPS, and in a large metropolitan city in the south, at a CAC.  She specializes in treating children and families who have experienced sexual abuse.  After working in agencies for a decade she began a private practice.  She has worked with the Red Cross volunteering at disaster sites, and more recently with first responders at retreats designed specifically for them.