Editor’s Note

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Bryan Reuther picSummer has always been a time I have looked forward to and thoroughly enjoyed, mostly because it meant long days, vacations, barbeques, and opportunities to spend time with family and friends. This continues as many of us travel to Denver, Colorado for the annual APA convention for a mixture of professional development, recreation, and spending time with old friends and making new ones.

Despite the positive associations summer has for many of us, we also need to take a look around and take in the widespread trauma and suffering. As professionals who work in the trauma field, this is part of our everyday lives, and in many ways we are already saturated in it. We do not have to look too far. But this also includes elevating the discussion beyond our pool of professionals to other areas—which is what Joan Cook’s presidential theme is all about: “Getting the word out.” Consequently, alongside the time of relaxation and leisure must go thoughtful engagement and action, which involves discovering or continuing your “calling” in the trauma field, or perhaps expanding it in some way.

In this issue Dr. Amy Ellis has provided a fantastic synopsis of the Division 56 convention and hospitality suite programming. We also have some superb articles, reviews and a poem! We especially encourage everyone to come and spend time at the hospitality suite, as it is a wonderful opportunity to get to know and/or deepen connections with other members and division leaders. For those of you who are not acquainted with or perhaps would like to get to know myself or our Associated Editor Tyson Bailey, we would enjoy speaking with you at the convention, especially if you have ideas for the Newsletter. All in all, safe travels to our readers heading to Denver and best wishes to everyone else!

All the Best,

Bryan T. Reuther, PsyD