Editor’s Note

July 31, 2016 0

Summer has always been a time I have looked forward to and thoroughly enjoyed, mostly because it meant long days, vacations, barbeques, and opportunities to spend time with family and friends. This continues as many […]

Member News – Summer 16

July 31, 2016 0

Complied by: Amy Ellis, PhD Nora Baladerian, PhD recently published A Risk Reduction Workbook for Parents and Service Providers to Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, a book that provides a detailed strategy to reduce […]

International Perspectives

July 31, 2016 0

International Committee Update By: Elizabeth Carll, PhD, Chair For those attending the APA Convention and interested in global issues, please be sure to attend the international symposium addressing the global refugee crisis. During the past […]

Presidential Voice – Let’s Celebrate!

July 31, 2016 0

 APA Convention is just around the corner and I’m hoping many of you will join us for a fun and productive line-up of programming. We have our usual outstanding array of poster sessions and symposia, […]

Mobile Application Review

July 31, 2016 0

By: Constance Dalenberg, PhD and Marie Ardill, MA Divisions 56 and 46 worked collaboratively to create a Mental Health Mobile Phone Application Review database, which currently includes information on more than 40 apps for iOS […]

Who’s Who – Bita Ghafoori, PhD

July 31, 2016 0

1) What is your current occupation? I am a professor at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB). I also serve as the Director of the CSULB Long Beach Trauma Recovery Center and the Coordinator of […]

Poem – I am a Syrian refugee

July 30, 2016 0

By: Ani Kalayjian, PhD           I am an Armenian-Syrian Immigrated in the mid 1970’s; My first week in American high school I was called a ‘dirty immigrant,’ When asked what I was, […]

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