Transforming Horizontal Violence Globally

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Ani Kalayjian & Andrew Dolinear

The Association of Trauma Outreach and Prevention (ATOP) MeaningfulWorld is an international non-governmental organization affiliated with the United Nation’s Department of Global Communication. MeaningfulWorld offers mental health education programs and workshops focusing on empowerment, stress management, time management, creating a healthy workplace, preventing burnouts, mindfulness, resolving conflicts peacefully, emotional intelligence, and meaning making. In addition, our humanitarian outreach teams have implemented rehabilitation programs for survivors of traumatic events in over 48 countries and 26 American states. Over the last three decades, MeaningfulWorld has conducted humanitarian missions in 50 countries aimed at transforming trauma caused by human-made and natural disasters. Although the primary aim of such missions is to facilitate healing and post-traumatic growth in affected individuals and groups, the utilization of surveys, workshops and other engagement efforts has provided insight into the individual and institutional factors that influence the ways in which traumatic events are integrated, processed, discussed, and passed on, in various cultural contexts.

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