Endurance, Resilience, and Creativity

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Transforming crises into fresh beginnings

Naji Abi-Hashem PhD, MDiv, MA, DAAETS

Feature – Spring 2023

Ancient wisdom has conveyed that life is meant not only to be endured but to also be enjoyed, virtually as a well-integrated existential experience. Whether we are pursuing higher purposes and worthy goals in life or facing daily obstacles, struggles, and hardships, we respond in various ways. Our responses are usually shaped by a host of social factors and interpersonal dynamics.

The negative forces of life seem to impact us strongly and for a long duration. The degree of impact, and how deeply we are affected by a crisis or hardship, and what coping styles we usually employ, depend largely on our background and historical experiences, such as cultural heritage, age, gender, socio-educational status, types of community support, religious faith, value system, global worldview, and existential outlook regarding the potential hope for the immediate and far-away future.

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