Editor’s Note – Spring 2023

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Dear TPN friends,

THE EDITORIAL TEAM & I WISH YOU A WARM WELCOME to the Trauma Psychology News Spring 2023 issue, themed Transformation, creativity, and spring.

Our spring issue bursts with renewed energy, starting with Doris the Duck on the cover. This issue also highlights the creativity and artistry among our trauma psychology field, with contributor-created images in our Feature (p. 10), Multicultural & Diversity (p. 22), and Emerging Career Professionals (p. 38) sections—in which the former two sections speak to transformative viewpoints. As we move into Memorial Day later this season, our Trauma & Health (p. 28) and Students (p. 34) sections share nascent and growing ways to better serve our Veterans, through respectively increasing our understanding of embodied practices and of moral injury.

THANK YOU FOR READING THIS LETTER, for choosing to engage with these words at this time. I look forward to the opportunity to hear, share, and honor your stories in our co-created TPN space.

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