Editor’s Note – Spring 2022

Spring 2022

Viann N. Nguyen-Feng, PhD, MPH, LP
Viann N. Nguyen-Feng, PhD, MPH, LP
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Dear TPN friends,

THE EDITORIAL TEAM & I WISH YOU A KIND WELCOME to the Trauma Psychology News Spring 2022 issue.

As the two-year mark of the ongoing pandemic passes, we now face a confluence of wars raging across many fronts. The intersection of trauma and health is undeniable. And so, we welcome the re-emergence of our Trauma & Health section. We further welcome Sydney Timmer-Murillo, PhD, the section’s inaugural editor, as well as Sharon Y. Lee, PhD, our lead copy editor. With our growing editorial team, we invite you into this issue’s theme: Considering trauma care as integral to healthcare.

Turning to the content of this Spring issue, we first full-heartedly acknowledge the suffering in Ukraine (p. 5), from adults to children, present and future (p. 22). We then contemplate the idea of trauma and health as foundations to the human condition (p. 8). These psychological wounds are felt by hospital frontline workers (p. 28), trafficking survivors entering a hospital system (p. 36), Veterans with multiple sclerosis (p. 20), and others seen and unseen. May we allow our hearts to grow, in health and in connection with one another, so that we may see ourselves in each other. Megan Maurillo’s cover art beckons us, reminding us that light prevails.

THANK YOU FOR READING THIS LETTER, for choosing to engage in these words at this time. I look forward to the opportunity to hear, share, and honor your stories in our co-created TPN space.

Editorial Trio

Editor-in-Chief: Viann Nguyen-Feng, PhD MPH LP

Associate Editor: Vera Békés, PhD LP

Assistant Editor: Nicole Mantella, PhD

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