Editor’s Note – Summer 2021

Summer 2021

Viann N. Nguyen-Feng, PhD, MPH, LP
Viann N. Nguyen-Feng, PhD, MPH, LP
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Dear TPN friends,

THE EDITORIAL TEAM & I WISH YOU THE WARMEST WELCOME to Trauma Psychology News’ Summer 2021 issue.

Halfway into 2021, we now sit in this liminal space between pandemic living and the “new normal” that awaits. May this issue remind us that this shifting space is shared. We each carry seemingly antagonistic sentiments, to varying degrees. Hope glimmers alongside the realization that last year—last month, last week—were not too long ago. And for many, the wonderment of reopening and reemergence occurs with fear; there is the anxiety of reentering a space in which we were unwelcome in the very first place. As we look forward, we must not forget the stories and histories laid before us.

Turning to the articles of this TPN issue, we must learn from lessons encountered over decades of disaster mental health (p. 17) while acknowledging the longstanding and omnipresent impacts of trauma—racial, historical, and all its intersectional forms (p. 19). The universality of trauma is highlighted in this issue’s featured book (p. 25), with our other core articles rightfully discuss resilience (p. 6), reintegration (p. 14), and, all the meanwhile, permission to grieve (p. 4).

THANK YOU FOR READING THIS LETTER, for choosing to engage in these words at this time. I look forward to hearing your stories and sharing this TPN space with you all.

Editorial Trio

Editor-in-Chief: Viann Nguyen-Feng, PhD, MPH, LP

Associate Editor: Vera Békés, PhD, LP

Chief Editorial Assistant: Nicole Mantella, PhD

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