Who’s Who: Lesia M. Ruglass, PhD

Spring 2021

Lesia M Ruglass, PhD
Lesia M Ruglass, PhD
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Brief bio

Lesia M. Ruglass, PhD, is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at the City College of New York, CUNY, and Adjunct Associate Research Professor at the Center of Alcohol & Substance Use Studies, Rutgers University-New Brunswick. Dr. Ruglass also maintains a virtual private practice in NYC and NJ. Her research and clinical interests center on testing the efficacy of integrated treatments for trauma, PTSD, and substance use disorders (SUD), with a focus on understanding and reducing racial/ethnic disparities in mental health and PTSD/SUD outcomes. She also currently serves as Member-at-Large (Public Interest) in Division 50 (Society on Addiction Psychology). [Read full interview…]