Intern Call: 2019-2020 Association for Trauma Outreach and Prevention (ATOP)

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Dr. Ani Kalayjian

Mission: At Meaningfulworld, the ultimate goal is
to prepare a generation of conscientious individuals
who are guided by love, peace, passion, and meaning.Meaningfulworld is dedicated to fostering a meaningful, peaceful, and just world in which every individual enjoys physical, mental, social, economic, and spiritual health. A sense of meaning, peace, and justice, although unique to everyone, is achieved througha transformative journey that integrates knowledge and experience with a sense of responsibility and reflection. We have monthly clinical workshops, annualhumanitarian missions, and accredited at the United Nations.

Available Positions: All internships are conducted under the supervision of both Dr. Ani Kalayjian-Founder and CEO, Board of Directors of ATOP, and the Intern Coordinator Meredith Carbonell.

1. Grant Writer/Researcher: Assisting the Grant Committee to research & write grants, apply for awards, disseminate the work through printed materials

2. United Nations Intern: Presence is essential on Thursdays to attend international meetings & join DPI and CoNGO Committees. One year minimum.

3. Webmaster: Upload photos, press release, and reports on our website.

4. Research Intern: Taking part in our active research team with local and international research from around the world.

5. Fundraising Intern: To maintain sustainability of our organization, organizing fundraising events for social gatherings to raise funds.

6. Clinical Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator: Managing monthly educational workshops.

Location: Although based in the New York Metropolitan Tri-State area, USA, international internships are also welcomed. Internship requirementscan be fulfilled from home (own state or country)
and may lead to travel opportunities. Monthly tele-conferences are mandatory, first Monday eve. Monthlyworkshops on the last Saturday of each month (Sept- May) are mandatory in NYC.

Time Commitment: 12 months–2 years, 5-7 hours a week (some internship less hours)

Kindly send your resume, statement of purpose, internship position of interest, 3 goals consistent with our mission, and names & contacts of 2 references to Dr. Kalayjian at, kindly visit: