Call for Fellows Applications

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We invite and encourage individuals who have “shown evidence of unusual and outstanding contributions or performance in the field of (trauma) psychology” with national or international impact (APA’s hallmark criteria) to apply for Fellowship status within Division 56. You must have at least five years of post-doctoral experience, be an APA member for one year, and be a current member of Division 56.

APA members who are not yet Fellows of any APA division must meet APA Fellow criteria, apply for Fellow Status according to APA procedures, and complete the APA forms through their Fellow application portal, all described at You will find everything you need to know about applying at the above APA web address. All application materials for new APA Fellow status, including letters of recommendation, must be submitted through the portal.

In addition to meeting the APA criteria, applicants must meet Division 56 criteria, listed below.

For Division 56, we expect that the “unusual and outstanding contribution or performance” stated in the APA criteria for Fellow Status be specific to the field of trauma psychology. Two or more of the following may provide evidence of such distinction:

  1. Being a pioneer in the recognition and application of trauma psychology
  2. Publishing important publications to the field of trauma psychology
  3. Producing consistently outstanding instructional or training programs that educate the next generation of trauma psychologists or developing important innovations in teaching or education in the field
  4. Demonstrating consistently outstanding clinical work with the traumatized as recognized by international or national groups through citations, awards, and other methods of recognition
  5. Demonstrating consistently outstanding public service relevant to trauma psychology over many years that might include (a) leadership within Division 56; (b) testimony about trauma psychology before courts and Congressional committees or government commissions; (c) service on review panels (e.g., NIH, NSF); or (d) public education/advocacy.
  6. Demonstrating leadership in the area of trauma psychology across science, education, policy, and practice internationally and/or nationally.

In order to meet APA’s February deadline, Division 56 requires that all new Fellow application materials (including three letters of recommendation from APA Fellows, at least one of whom must be a Division 56 Fellow) be submitted through the APA portal by November 1. This timeframe will allow our Fellow committee to review all materials, make a recommendation, and forward completed application materials to APA in time to meet their deadline.

If you are a current Fellow in another APA division, we ask that you write a letter describing the ways your work meets the above Division 56 Fellow criteria. We also ask for either (1) three letters of recommendation from current APA Fellows, at least one of which must come from a Division 56 Fellow or (2) two letters from Division 56 Fellows) (listed on our web site at Please submit these materials by e-mail to Laurie Pearlman ( We accept these applications on a rolling basis throughout the year. They do not go through the APA web-based application process.

We welcome all who are interested and qualified to apply! If you know a Division 56 member whose work meets these criteria, please encourage that person to apply.