Member News – Summer 2017

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Compiled by Ilene Serlin, PhD

Ani Kalayjian, PhD, completed her signature Soul-Surfing, energy balancing DVD, with movements, affirmations, color consciousness, electromagnetic field balancing techniques, with deep diaphragmatic breaths and visualization. Those interested to obtain a copy could write to her. In April she spearheaded a 4 member humanitarian team to Armenia to help educate the survivors in transforming trauma into meaning, transform horizontal violence as well as generational trauma, help the Syrian refugees in their healing process, and launch a suicide prevention hotline. In May she made a presentation at the Armenian American Health Professionals Board Meeting on the need of suicide prevention hotline in Armenia. An all day workshop on Conscious and Mindful Leadership and Forgiveness occurred in May, when Dr. Kalayjian chaired the PCUN meeting at the United Nations. From 16 June to 1 July, 12th Dr. Kalayjian led a team of 3 integrative healers on a Humanitarian Mission to Haiti.

Lynne H. Harris, MPH, LPC, LMHC, a specialist in treating complex trauma and dissociative disorders, presented at three recent conferences in 2017.  At the annual ISSTD Conference in Washington, DC on April 3, Lynne presented a workshop titled “The Hidden Epidemic of Multigenerational Sexual Abuse and Trauma in Small Town America: Effective Treatment and Policy Implications.” Also in April, Lynne presented a similar topic – “The Hidden Epidemic of Multigenerational Sexual Abuse and Trauma in Rural Communities: Resilience Among Survivors and Treatment Implications” – in a new interactive 20×20 format at ResilienceCon 2017 in Nashville, TN April 17-19. Finally, she will be speaking at the annual APA Conference in Washington, DC on August 3 as part of the panel presentation – “Core Neurobiological Issues in Treating Patients With Trauma: Why Trauma and Addiction Co-Occur”

Lynne is in private practice in the Southern Coastal region with offices in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL and St. Marys, GA.

Robert Stolorow, PhD, along with George Atwood, PhD, recently published the paper “The Phenomenology of Language and the Metaphysicalizing of the Real” in the Journal Language and Psychoanalysis.

Ilene Serlin, PhD, will be presenting again and doing trainings at the 6th Annual International Conference on Transgenerational Trauma: Communal Wounds and Victim Identities hosted by the Common Bond Institute in Jordan in October, 2017. For more information about the conference please find details here: