Editor’s Note – Winter 2016

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I would like to personally thank Dr. Joan Cook for dedication and hard work during the past year. As a division, I believe we all feel fortunate to have had her leadership. My hope is that we all continue, in our own ways, her presidential theme of “getting the word out” about trauma in the coming months, years, and decades. While much was accomplished, more still needs to be done.

As we say our goodbyes to Dr. Joan Cook as our president, and she shifts into the position of immediate past-president, we welcome Dr. Elizabeth Carll, a longstanding leader in our division. We look forward to seeing her vision actualized in the coming year. And I am sure, unlike the current political climate, our transition of power will go far more smoothly!

TPN will also be going through some changes in the coming months as Dr. Tyson Bailey, our esteemed Associate Editor, will be stepping down. I profoundly appreciate Tyson’s commitment and hard work in making TPN a truly great publication for this division, and he will be deeply missed. He, of course, will remain extremely active in the division in other important roles. Thank you, Tyson, you will be missed here at TPN!
Hope everyone enjoys the next few months. Happy and healthy Holidays to all! See you in the New Year!

All the Best,