Summer 2018 | Vol. 13 No. 2

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Presidential Voice

By: Diane Castillo, PhD

Hi Everyone.  As President of Division 56, Trauma Psychology, I’m excited to invite you to attend the 2018 APA Convention in San Francisco this year.  As you might know my presidential initiative for this year was to focus on the intersection of Diversity and Trauma and to highlight the increases in traumatic experiences and PTSD diagnoses in individuals from diverse backgrounds... Full Article

Editor's Note

By: Jonathan Cleveland, PhD

Stepping into the role of editor-in-chief of Trauma Psychology News, I feel lucky to have benefitted from the direction provided by Drs. Bryan Reuther and Tyson Bailey over the past year.  In the dozen years since its inception, TPN has grown into an increasingly strong publication. It strikes me that this growth is probably attributable both to the guidance provided by long-established supporters as well as to the energy and enthusiasm infused by newer members of the division... Full Article

Featured Article

Sex Trafficking: A Modern Day Dilemma

By: Althea Stephens, PsyD

Sex trafficking, viewed as the modern day form of slavery is a worldwide problem with significant frequency in the U.S.   The United Nations estimates that sex trafficking is the third largest source of organized crime behind arms and drugs (Ernewein & Nieves, 2015).  Many would be surprised to learn that the U.S. remains the second largest consumer of sex trafficking in the world, with transit points occurring around trafficking hubs such as California, Texas, Florida, North Carolina and New York. Although it is estimated that approximately 200,000 American children are sexually trafficked annually (Ernewein & Nieves, 2015), the actual prevalence and incidence rate remain unknown... Full Article

Call for New Fellow Applications

We invite and encourage individuals who have “shown evidence of unusual and outstanding contributions or performance in the field of (trauma) psychology” with national or international impact (APA’s hallmark criteria) to apply for Fellowship status within Division 56. You must have at least five years of post-doctoral experience, be an APA member for one year, and be a current member of Division 56. Details

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International Section

The Refugee Mental Health Resource Network: An APA Interdivisional Project

By: Elizabeth Carll, PhD, Chair

There has been a growing urgency to address the global migration problem impacting many nations including the U.S.  The recent crisis resulting from the separation of children from their parents and families when attempting to seek refuge in the U.S at the Texas border has catapulted the issue to the front pages of news outlets. Complying with U.S. laws and international agreements, while adhering to current government policies on immigration has resulted in much public concern as to the human rights of the families and the children and how to best support them. It is anticipated that many of the unaccompanied and separated children may be relocated to other states in the U.S. ... Full Article


Awards Committee Report

By: Amy E. Ellis, PhD & Vanessa Simiola, PsyD

The Awards Committee is responsible developing a slate of candidates for the Awards, and deliberating on the final award recipients. The Awards Committee also negotiates with an engraving company as to the form and language of the awards. The following awards will be given at the 2018 awards banquet... Details

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Who's Who

Please meet Blair Wisco, PhD, an assistant professor in the clinical psychology doctoral program at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro!

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